Harazi Fresh (Arabica Coffee)

“It makes you forget every coffee you have drunk before” ! ! !

This amazing sort of coffee comes only from the mountainous of eastern Haraz farms at 1,800-2,500 meters above sea level. And it gets its luck from the mild climatic climate and the low humidity that Haraz enjoys, which gives it a high level of quality, taking advantage of the sweetness of rain water, sources and dams with a balanced composition of mineral salts.

100% organic coffee

The fruits of coffee are harvested by hand very carefully with a wonderful mixture of hues nature colures from dark red to pink with a little yellow, the coffee beans reach our facilities freshly afterwards, then we sort according to the tastes of our valued customers before transferring them for drying.

*The traditional drying process takes place under the sunlight without washing, that occurs as a distinctive feature of coffee in the area of Al-Haraz in particular and Yemen in general. 

The coffee crust gives an added value of spicy flavor to the fruit in a unique gift like a mother’s care for her baby. Coffee fruits are placed on mats. 

Coffee fruits are placed on mats made from palm trees on beds raised from the ground, And it is turned very carefully by hand so that the surface of the shell gets equal share of sunlight, so that the internal humidity level reaches 13% exclusively, and the grains are subject to moisture measurement by a special humidity device.

Yemeni coffee is 100% natural, free of chemicals and preservatives

When consumed in moderation and in a safe way, coffee can provide your body with many important benefits

– Improving the level of concentration
– Helps to improve the physical performance of the body
– Fight depression and improve mood
– it may protect from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
– Helps in protecting the liver, but only in moderate use

– Helps burn fat.
– It contains antioxidants.
– It may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
– It may prevent Parkinson’s disease
– It may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Now you can enjoy every sip of our unique coffee. And our cultural heritage will enrich your taste and make you always want more of our coffee.

Origin Country

Yemen - Haraz




Curly - apple shaped - circular




Complex and sweet, flavors of berries, reddish fruits, cocoa, black tea, oregano.

Roasting Degree

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Shipping information

Product number : NRB1COY02502

weight : 250 gm

The number is in the carton : 60 Pieces

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