Kark Tea with Ginger


“Every cup of Kark tea is an unforgettable experience” ! ! !

If you want a natural warm drink, then look no further than Kark Ginger Tea, for its original taste with a sweet-smelling and fresh flavor, as it is made of a healthy blend with 100% natural ingredients that give you energy and vitality.

Karak tea from First Pasha is 100% natural and ready to use and does not need any other additives

Taste a sip and discover the original taste of the warm kark tea with ginger, then you will get a special scent with natural flavors, which will surely make you feel comfortable, relaxed and warm. We have put our long experience in making Kark tea with a unique taste that you will never find in any other tea because we take care of its essential ingredients in traditional ways specially to preserve the maximum of 100% natural flavor, so that we make the difference.


Karak Tea Benefits

– Kark tea is a common kind in India, Yemen, and in the Arab Gulf states. It consists of milk and black tea with some natural ingredients, it is a nice bunch of the most popular spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves, also there are other favorite additives can be added according to each country. Now, we have the traditional Karak tea which is prepared using boiled water with the best natural formula of “First Pasha”.

It is unlike the ordinary tea, which is only fermented with hot water, so you do not need any other additives. The Kark tea of First Pasha has been prepared from the best natural ingredients that are canned in one package only for you to enjoy it wherever you are.

-Karak tea has many health benefits for your body and brain because it is a mix of many great natural compounds.

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We take the appropriate ingredients of Karak tea and check them according to a fixed scientific standard to ensure the correct quality, then the packaging process is done considering the international criterion in order to keep the natural properties of the Karak tea, so that the packages can be delivered to the consumer fresh and healthy. Thus, he will be able to enjoy the original taste of Karak tea. “Every cup of Karak tea is an unforgettable experience.”

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Black Tea

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Karak tea original taste

black tea


First Pasha special blends of 100% natural aromatic spices

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Product number : NRC5TEA01002

Weight : 100 gm

The quantity is in the carton : 90 Pieces 

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