Olive leaf tea with Ginger


“a unique natural healthy anti-oxidant drink” ! ! !

Enjoy the natural flavor of olive leaf tea

Distinctive smell and pleasant taste


Nour Olive natural tea consists of 100% pure olive leaf herbs and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

That is why Noreen International Group is committed to present high-quality olive leaf tea and its care has been emphasized during planting and harvesting with great outstanding care and responsibility. And offer you the best types of olive tea in the world, we also use the traditional manual method to harvest olive leaves instead modern mechanical machines.

Benefits of olive leaf tea

– Olive leaves contain a large percentage of (Oleuropein), 40 times more than virgin olive oil. It is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

– It contains a large proportion of vitamin C, which helps in fighting many diseases and infections.

– It reduces blood pressure and blood sugar level.

– It Helps in preventing cardiovascular disease.

– It Supports the immune system and it helps in increasing energy.


Where we collect the appropriate crop at the right time.
We analyze it according to scientific standards and ensure its quality.
Which is immediately handled and packed in special preservation packaging.

to maintain the natural properties of antioxidants with a stimulating effect and the natural supporting of the body’s immune system. 

What distinguishes polyphenols is that it contains about 40% antioxidants more than vitamin C.

Tree type

Green olive leaf + Ginger

Country of Origin












Ingredients: 100% natural

Carefully selected olive leaves

One of the finest types of olive trees

Shipping information

Product number : NRC3TEA01005

Weight : 100 gm

The quantity is in the carton : 12 Pieces 


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