Blonde Gulf Coffee (Classic) 

“Our coffee will keep you away from every coffee you have drank ” ! ! !

Arab Gulf coffee in the Gulf heritage is called golden (blonde) coffee or gold granules ,because it is prepared from the finest types of specialized Yemeni coffee beans, and roasted by the golden roasting way, which does not affect the beans benefit, as it was mixed with cardamom and luxurious saffron to open the top of the aroma and flavor in this version of Gulf coffee that has been completely surrounded with care and with an irresistible rich natural flavor.

Carefully selected from the finest quality coffee beans

Our expert team roasts and grinds coffee beans with high precision and in a way that suits the authenticity and heritage of Arabic coffee, in order to prepare fresh coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor that refers to the luxurious cardamom seeds and freshly ground saffron of high quality. Let our Intense Blond (Golden) Arabica coffee with health benefits awaken your mind, give you energy and help you focus on your daily tasks.

It is made from the best specialized Yemeni coffee beans in the world


– It accelerates blood circulation to the brain, which leads to increased concentration

– It has a preventive effect on migraine headaches.

– It reduces the negative effects of caffeine.

– It contains more than 1,000 natural plant compounds that enhance immunity and body health.

– It contains high nutritional values, which is a source of fiber

– It contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress in the body.

– Reduces the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

– It protects the heart and cell membranes from chronic viral diseases.

– It gives a feeling of fullness for a longer time, and with this feature it is against obesity.

Now you can enjoy every sip of our coffee with a flood of passion and unique taste.

It is our cultural heritage that will enrich your taste and make you always want more.

Coffee sort

Premium Yemeni coffee

Roasting Degree

Exceptional blonde roast

Grinding Degree

coarse grinding

Origin Country












Ingredients: 100% natural

High quality Yemeni coffee



Special First Mocha Mix

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Product number : 8682320663336

weight : 750 gm

The number is in the carton : 9 Pieces

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Product number : NRB4COA01001

weight : 100 gm

The number is in the carton : 60 Pieces

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