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Enjoy the taste of our Turkish coffee which is rich in the natural cream and free from sugar and chemical preservatives, it also contains fine Yemeni coffee and olive coffee powder with its antioxidants. This is for the first time in the world.



“It makes you forget every coffee you have drunk before”!!!

1 x 3 coffee from First Pasha Coffee which is prepared from the finest selection sorts of coffee, from Yemeni coffee and Brazilian coffee (Arabica) for natural coffee taste with exceptional savor.

It is a mixture of olive coffee containing antioxidants and this is for the first time in the world.

Enjoy our coffee which is rich in the natural cream, free from sugar and without chemical additives.

This natural blend invites you to discover the wonderful flavors of coffee with every sip that awakens your senses to enjoy an immersive experience on a happy day.

Now you can enjoy every sip of our coffee with a flood of passion full of unique taste, it is our cultural heritage which will enrich your taste and make you always want more.

Coffee sort

Fine Yemeni coffee, Brazilian coffee (Arabica)

Roasting Degree

Medium roasting

Grinding Degree

Fine grinding

Origin Country

Yemen – Brazil

Ingredients: 100% natural

– High-quality Yemeni coffee.

– Brazilian coffee (Arabica).

Natural olive coffee.





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