Traditional Yemen Coffee –Husks Coffee

Traditional Yemen Coffee –Husks Coffee

Rind tea * QISHR * or as it is called “Cascara”


beads Peel coffee * Cascara *, in Spanish, is the outer shell of the dried coffee beans.
Although the focus is on extracting the coffee beans from the coffee beads, and then drying them out. Cascara is produced by drying the outer shell after removing the grains from it.



Traditional Yemen Drink

In the past, Yemenis began to use coffee peels, which are separated from coffee seeds and kept in the shell, to be sold in local markets. In Yemen, it is a traditional Yemeni drink from hundreds of years old and it consumed in Yemen particularly on Friday when people meet together. It was widely used during the seventeenth century with the increasing of coffee export in the port of Mocha. It is now considered the more popular drink on the Yemeni level.

Unique features with fine taste

There is a lot of distinction in * cascara * (coffee peels) it is a mixture of tea and coffee made by soaking or fermenting the crusts of dried coffee beans in hot water, such as tea. Cascara contains a little caffeine (less than coffee beans) and has a taste close to coffee, and its flavor is very similar to hibiscus, green apple and papaya, with a beautiful floral scent, depending on how and where they are grown. Recently, most famous countries in the world served new sweetened drinks, such as the United States and Canada, which served Cascara. Many cafes recently added Cascara to their drinks list, for its benefit and unique taste. Cascara can be prepared by adding hot water to the coffee beans peel and soaking it for 5 minutes and then drinking it, and it can also be served as an iced tea.

The benefits of coffee peel (Cascara)

1-Effective to get rid of excess weight and fat accumulated in the belly area and buttocks.
2- Because it contains caffeine, it increases the concentration effectively.
3- It works to strengthen the immune system in the human body.
4- It works to purify the blood and prevent it from clotting inside the blood vessels.
5- Prevent cold and influenza infection.
6- Keeps the heart healthy.
7- Regulates stomach and bowel movements also prevents stomach ulcers and bloating, which increases the overall effectiveness of the digestive system.

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