Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee

The charm of coffee bitterness

Turkish coffee has always been so distinctive that it is unforgettable and different from other types of coffee, with Its wonderful bitter taste and style of serving alongside some kind of dessert give us the required balance between the two flavors and make us feel its magic taste and unique smell

“Coffee must be black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love.”

  With Turkish coffee hospitality at the prestigious Istanbul cafes, coffee lovers will always echo this proverb. And whoever tastes the original Turkish coffee will fully understand its meaning.

The history of Turkish coffee started in 1540, when Ozdamir Pasha brought it from Yemen during the Ottoman rule in Yemen.

It was at the time of Governor Suleiman AL Kanuni in Turkey and when Pasha brought coffee to his homeland.

The coffee was then served exclusively to the king and the royal court only. They were very fond of it and were so creative in preparing and serving it. They created a new job in the palace, job of the coffee maker, which is concerned with the art of coffee serving to the Sultan and overseeing coffee preparing.

At the time, Turkish coffee was prepared in the royal kitchen, where fresh coffee beans were roasted, then hammered in mortar and then cooked in a metal container.

Later coffee was introduced to the Turkish people in the same way that it was first prepared in the royal court.

Because coffee was very popular throughout the country and because many people want to prepare it as required, many Turkish people want to learn how to prepare coffee drink. Hence the starting point of Turkish cafes spread in the regions of the country.

In 1656, the minister, Coopru Muhammad Pasha, ordered the authorities to close all cafes claiming that cafes were places for the rebels and revolutionaries gathered against the government.

 So, the penalties were imposed on gatherings of drinking coffee and cafes, ranging from beating to dumping the drinkers. This shocked the coffee connoisseurs at that time. Then cafes were opened again after the era of Minister Copperlo had ended.

One of the most enjoyable traditions of drinking Turkish coffee at weddings is that the bride add salt to her groom’s cup to test whether he can tolerate the bitterness and salinity of the coffee instead of adding sugar, as if it tests his patience and the extent of his love to avoid such mistakes and slips.

Finally, Turkish coffee was included in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” prepared by UNESCO, to become the eleventh inheritance in the arrangement, after the storyteller, Karakuz,grace dance to Mawlana, wrestling Karak Pinar, with the pastry paste and others.

In a meeting held by the Intangible World Heritage Protection Authority in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2013.

Research on the benefit of olive leaf


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