Why Karak Tea from “First Pasha”?

Why Karak Tea from “First Pasha”?

This is because we have the ancient heritage and long experience in preparing the original Karak tea, its luxury taste can’t be resistible. we make it skillfully in a distinctive unique way. we choose the best ingredients of milk, tea and aromatic spices that are fresh and 100% natural.

We take the appropriate ingredients of Karak tea and check them according to a fixed scientific standard to ensure the correct quality, then, the packaging process is accurately carried out in order to preserve the natural characteristics of Karak tea to deliver the pure packages to the consumer in a fresh healthy manner, taking into account the international standards. Thus, consumers will be able to enjoy the original taste of Karak tea.

Success Factors

The most important reason for our success goes to the fact that we do not neglect the high quality of our tea. We insist on carrying out every detail of purity when we carefully choose the good sorts of the original raw materials which we bring. We buy large quantities of prime materials to reach all Karak tea lovers at a competitive price.

It is specially designed for our customers to enjoy the delicious, luxurious, and irresistible taste of Karak tea.

We are very proud of every batch of tea we produce, making sure it arrives fresh and smells great in every cup.

What are the Features of Karak Tea from “First Pasha”?

We care about many important elements as: 1- Health 2- Effort 3- Time 4- Money.
Your health matters to us.

  In order to enjoy a healthy and lasting lifestyle, we promise to provide a healthy product prepared from 100% fresh and natural food ingredients such as milk, tea, and aromatic spices.

To enjoy a healthier life that supplies you with physical and mental energy.

Why is Karak tea a stress-reliever?

We have the authentic experience and natural resources to prepare the original ingredients of Karak tea which will save your effort and relieve you from the trouble of searching for natural ingredients. Our desire is to put it in the hands of the consumer, in order to enjoy the brilliant taste of the natural Karak tea.

Why is Karak tea a time saver?
 We offer ready-to-use Karak tea without any need for any other additives, because it contains all the natural ingredients in one package ready for immediate use in all Karak tea service centers and points of sale in order to add more comfort and relaxation to enjoy a cup of Karak tea with the original taste.

Why is Karak tea a Money Saver?
The natural Karak tea from” First Pasha” is a real profit and a money saver, mainly for the wholesaler or the consumer.
Because we care about quality details and choose them very carefully, we buy large quantities of raw materials to reach Karak tea lovers at a competitive price.
”So we make the difference”!!!”
“Every cup of Karak tea is an unforgettable experience”! ! !

How Can the Wholesaler and Retailers Have Benefit from it?

We have taken great care in providing the healthy natural product, and we choose all its compounds from 100% natural materials, in order to save a lot of effort and time.
In order to achieve a high financial return at a competitive price that fulfills the customer’s desires in a way that makes him always preferred it instead of other kinds. Our main goal goes to serve all consumers of the original Karak tea, and all wholesale services, suppliers, and points of sale services such as: Supermarkets, groceries, buffets, cafes, and commercial distribution centers interested in providing 100% natural Karak tea ready to use.


We have provided packages of one kilo (1000) grams, half kilo (500 grams), and one hundred (100) grams.

How do we Use Karak Tea?

Karak tea from “First Pasha” is easy to use.

All the ingredients and content of natural Karak tea are contained in ready-to-use sachets without any other food additives, so it is easy to use it immediately.


Every mug of boiling water has a capacity of 150 grams, to which (25) twenty-five grams (2 regular tablespoons) of the ready-to-use Karak tea compound is added.
It does not need any other food additives.
To prepare four cups of the original Karak tea, the cup size (mug) has a capacity of 150 mg.
Just add a sachet of the original Karak tea from First Pasha to the boiling water and let it boil again until it becomes concentrated in the boiling water to get the thick, pure and balanced taste, then take it off the stove until it stagnates, and pour it into a tea cup to enjoy the real taste of Karak tea with the original taste.
“Every cup of Karak tea is an unforgettable experience”! ! !

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